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I decided to start a blog to share my crafting habits with the world. Almost everything that I post will be hand-made by me. Some projects may have some inspirational help from others designers, scrappers, artists, etc. I believe in sharing my creativity to help inspire others as I have been inspired by so many others.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Handbag Giftcard Holder

Bag was a quick cut with my Cricut. 
Add a little paper flower and it's a perfect holder for a giftcard. 
The sides can be pinched in pinched in once the giftcard is inside. 
Notice the slight indents on the top view picture.

Thanks a Bunch

Caterpillar and Butterfly are Friends


For You

Flowers for Sale

Be Happy Caterpillar

All Smiles


He doesn't look short on any stuffing at the moment. 
My version of SVG file by Creative Kuts


All ready to save the day or to be saved? 
I don't see an oilcan so let's let him be a hero for a bit. :) 
This is my version of a design by Creative Kuts.

Cowardly Lion

 Per usual, holding his tail and looking shy. 
This is my version of the Creative Kuts file.

Dorothy and Toto

Dorothy's slippers have a shiny, metallic finish to mimic her "Ruby Red Slippers."  
My version of an SVG file created by Creative Kuts.

Wizard of Oz Paper Piecing

My version of a paper piecing file that I got from Creative Kuts. 
Check out their site/store at www.creativekuts.com

My 1st Blog Post

Finally decided to do it. Yep, I've started a blog. Be sure to check back now and then to see what fun things I've created or found from other scrappers/artists.

Disclaimer...I may occasionally post pictures that include edible items. Cakes, cookies, chocolates, etc.

Happy Designing!!!